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Each month we feature businesses that are for sale around the country.  We aren’t a business broker, but we do work with some great people that are.   If you want more information on this business contact us and we will put you in touch with the right people to help. Here is some information on this month’s business:

Light Manufacturing / Value Adding:

Stainless Steel Water Pipes, Valves, Fittings and Spare Parts

Established 20 years:

Annual sales $1.7M

EBITD $357,000 average over 5 years


This business sells and then coordinates manufacture and assembly of water pipes, valves, fittings and spare parts.  All welding and fabricating is outsourced.

Main clients are bulk water industry – utilities, councils, irrigation shops and plumbers.

A background in engineering, plumbing, building or similar trade skills are suitable to manage this low tech design and construct business process.

Majority of product is built to client’s specifications with experienced staff handling the process.

There are multiple income streams, including a growing spare parts supply in a specialised plumbing category that is expanding to an on-line business.


With the right financing team you may be able to buy this business with less equity and cash than you think.  Contact Us to find out more.



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