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Equipment Finance Over $1M – Non Bank Financing 

The Mardent Group can arrange facilities for brokers and their clients for deals over $1M as a specialist service.  Your clients may have existing equipment on their balance sheet with a high value and need to draw-down on this
for working capital.  It’s unlikely that major banks will allow this to happen or even have the capacity to facilitate it.
These facilities can include chattel mortgages structured to particular cash-flows, or operating leases to take liabilities off the balance sheet.

Turnaround Facilities – Asset Finance

Do you have clients that have experienced cash flow issues but have great balance sheet?   Perhaps they have just gained good contracts for income in the future but need capital now.  Our providers can use existing assets on the balance sheet to restructure a company’s debt and cash position.   In most cases this means buying out assets with an agreed buy-back value over a time-frame that suits the cash-flow of the business.

Motor Vehicle and Plant and Equipment Finance

The Mardent Group is an agent for Platform Finance Group, one of the largest national Motor Vehicle and Plant andequipment-collage Equipment Finance aggregators in Australia.

For many brokers, accessing asset finance for cars and equipment means referring the deal to a specialist that holds direct accreditations due to the volume of business that banks’ and other financiers require. This can mean losing control of the client and being paid very little to no money in the form of referral fees.

The Mardent Group solves this problem by offering an online lodgement system for brokers supported by an experienced team of people helping you process the deal and preparing documentation on your behalf. click here to find out more.


Debtor Finance

If you have business clients that are suffering from cash flow shortages or are complaining that they can’t get an increase in their overdraft,  you should consider debtor finance.

A Debtor Finance,  Factoring or Invoice Discounting facility is not a business loan, but a line of credit linked to the sales of a business. Effectively the business sells an asset (the invoice) to the financier at a discount to its face value, thereby injecting cash into the business in advance. Being linked to sales, this means as the business’s sales increase, the limit on the facility also increases.  This type of funding is ideal for funding growth and expansion.    Debtor Finance facilities are not linked to real estate security and when substituted for business overdrafts can release equity which is usually held by banks for their working capital facilities.

Debtor Finance facilities are usually provided at 80% of the value of the monthly sales and they provide access to a business’s cash-flow within 24-48 hours of issuing an invoice.

The Mardent Group can offer you and your clients a range of Debtor Finance and Invoice Factoring facilities to help your clients improve their cash-flow or get back their home equity.

The Mardent Group offers debtor facilities on behalf of:
  • Allianz Debtor Finance
  • Bibby Finance
  • Cashflow Finance
  • Cash Resources Australia
  • FactorOne
  • GE Capital
  • NAB Invoice Finance
  • Scottish Pacific Debtor Finance
  • Westpac Debtor Finance


Unsecured Business Finance

This is the truly unsecured alternative for small business owners.   Unsecured business loans of between $5,000 and $250,000 for terms of 3 months to 12 months.    As a broker or introducer, you can earn great commissions from the introduction of these loans.

Easy Process
  • A one page application form
  • Photo ID
  • 3 Months Bank Statements
  • Over $50,000 –  1 year Financials and Aged Payables and Receivables, ATO Portal
  • ATO Payments
  • Purchasing Stock
  • Opening New Locations
  • Managing Cashflow
  • Bridging Receivables Gap where no Debtor Finance available
  • Deposits on machinery
  • New Contract Start Up Costs

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If you would like to offer any of these options to your clients using a simple referral system or by lodging deals yourself, please contact:






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