For Investors

For many people, buying their home is a sufficient investment in their future and they are happy to pay the loan down and create equity which will hopefully go some way toward providing for their retirement.

For others, it’s not enough.  They want more than one property, they want to build a portfolio of bricks and mortar or they want to try their hand at developing larger or multiple properties such as townhouses or units.   By increasing their returns and equity they leverage into other styles of investment such as share portfolios and managed funds.

If this is you, we can help.

We have both the experience and the right partners to help you navigate this path.  We understand complex financial structures and we can obtain development finance with a variety of bank and non-bank financiers.   Our network extends to investment property buyers agents, wealth planners, margin loan facilitation, residential and commercial real estate agencies and project managers.

We will give you honest feedback, a no nonsense approach and referrals to experts.

Whether you are buying one investment property or building 20 we can help.   We’ve facilitated finance for share portfolios, debt recycling strategies, triplex construction and shopping centre development.

Call: Todd on 0404 847 857 or Email:

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