The Mardent Group is an organisation offering a range of residential, commercial, personal and business financial products and services.

We process and assess information in respect of loan applications. We locate funders suitable to provide loans to you. We also market other products.


Obtaining money is no longer as simple as filling out an application form. Banks have drastically reduced funds they are lending and tightened the rules under which they will lend. Relationships with lenders and knowledge of finance products and the industry is essential for business owners looking for funding.

Increasingly frustrated by their banks and their level of service, business owners have an alternative with The MardentGroup.

Making the effort to completely understand our clients business and their plans for future growth is the cornerstone of our business.

Having the choice between the major retail banks and niche financial institutions means we can structure ndividual packages that meet the needs of the owner and their business, not just the bank.

Like a business banker, only better, The MardentGroup:

  • Understand business as well as finance
  • Can choose from any number of lenders and their products
  • Own our business so our key staff are here for the longterm

Business Finance


Business Acquisition

Acquiring a new business usually involves:
  • managing many parties to the transaction, and
  • obtaining the funds to complete the deal
  • Because Purchasing an enterprise is a lenghty and frustrating process we offer a range of services to help out clients buying a business, we call this “Business Acquisition Management".

Before purchasing a business, The Mardent Group is able to assess the level of funding a lender might provide by looking at:
  • our client’s experience
  • their involvement in the business
  • asset and liability position
  • the potential business’ financial standing
  • risk variables

Once proceeding with a purchase, The Mardent Group can provide the following services:
  • deal structuring and negotiation
  • entity structures, eg. sole trader, partnership, company in conjunction with our business partners
  • business valuation
  • business loan proposal
  • cash-flow projections
  • financial statement analysis and comment
  • working capital analysis and recommendation
  • deal project management
  • liaison with relevant parties including solicitors, accountants, business brokers, bankers and vendors
Management Buyouts

A Management Buy-Out (MBO) is essentially the purchase of a business by its existing management.

MBOs are similar in all major legal aspects to any other acquisition of a company.

MBOs and Management Buy-Ins (MBIs) are becoming increasingly popular in the Australian market as a means of business succession and sale. It is an established technique for owners wishing to exit their businesses in the UK and USA.

Retirement of business owners will be the main reason for business transfers over the next decade. Planned business succession to other parties will therefore be critical to the takeover and ongoing success of the business. One third of business owners presently believe that they will have major problems in selling their business.

Research by CPA Australia shows that:
  • the typical family business owner is 57 years old
  • 40% of business owners plan to leave their business within the next five years
  • 66% of them are depending on their business to fund their retirement, and
  • only 38% of SME owners have succession plans.

Talk to us about how to properly structure an MBO and the associated finance required to settle the deal.

Review & Analysis

Regular review and analysis of their businesses means our clients:
  • are aware of and understand the covenants (or ongoing conditions) that many lenders impose on business loans
  • can pro-actively manage their cash-flow and working capital requirements
  • always know their organisation’s health, weaknesses and value
  • can make informed management decisions, identify gaps and mitigate risks
We assess and compare financial results and present these in an easy to understand scorecard format and includes
  • Break-even Analysis
  • Cash Flow Analysis
  • Financial Scorecards
  • Lead/Lag Correlation Analysis
  • KPI Scorecards
  • Cost Of Capital Calculations
  • Economic Profit Analysis
  • Financial Forecasting
  • Financial Ratio Analysis
  • Financial Trend Analysis
  • Marginal Cash Analysis
  • Risk Assessment
  • Sensitivity Analysis
  • Sustainable Growth Analysis




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